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Talk:Northern Waste

Eazy E15, I deleted a bunch of your content because alot of it is not true or not factual, for instance:

1. Arvediu did not hide in Mount Gundabad he hid in a abandoned Dwarf-mine near the far northern tip of the Blue Mountains.

2. We don't know really anything about the Lossoth execept that they were the remnants of the Forodwaith, they lived mainly on the cape of Forochel out of reach of enemies, and that they travelled sometimes to the southern coasts near the feet of the Ered Luin, as king Arvedui found.

3. Yes, it's possible that Snow trolls could lived there but not alot of people have been beyond the grey mountains or the mountains of Angmar except for maybe Dwarves and Orcs. They are more likely to have lived high up in the snowy slopes of the Misty Mountains., where they were far more likely to have been seen.

I'm not trying to put you down, but next time study the facts, and then make assumpations and theories.--Dwarf Lord 15:32, 27 November 2006 (EST)