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Assaults on Lothlórien

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War of the Ring
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The assaults on Lothlórien were a series of conflicts in March T.A. 3019 initiated by Sauron against the Golden Wood during the War of the Ring.


[edit] Prelude

In the years leading to the War of the Ring, Dol Guldur had become active[1](possibly under the power of Khamûl, its former commander)[2]

Escaping from Moria, the Fellowship of the Ring arrived at Lothlórien, bringing the One Ring. Soon after, a band of hundred Orcs (presumably Orcs of the Misty Mountains pursuing them) crossed the Nimrodel. The wardens used feigned voices and led them into a trap, where a regiment or so of the Galadhrim were sent out, and destroyed them.[3]

But the coming of The One Ring and the orc pursuers were only the heralds of greater conflicts that were to occur. Sauron unleashed massive attacks on the Galadhrim.

[edit] The assaults

On 11 March, forces from Dol Guldur swarmed into the forest in a full-scale assault and were held back by the power of the Wood-elves.

On 15 March there was a big battle outside Minas Tirith. At the same time forces from Dol Guldur invaded Mirkwood and attacked once more Lothlórien.

The third and last attack was made seven days later, on 22 March. They caused much destruction on the wood's borders, but the valiant Galadhrim routed them utterly, and the Realm remained safe for the following days until the passing of Sauron.[4]

[edit] Aftermath

After the Shadow of Sauron was lifted, the Galadhrim stormed Dol Guldur and cleansed Mirkwood; Thranduil gave its southern part into the dominion of Lothlórien, and it was called East Lórien.[4]


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