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House of the Mole

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"He found a press of the Mole-folk about his door, and these were the grimmest and least good-hearted of folk that Maeglin might get in that city."
The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin

The House of the Mole was one of the main Houses of the Gondothlim, lead by Maeglin. They bore black armor, without any emblem or design, but their round caps of steel were covered with moleskin. Most of its folk were quarrymen and ore delvers. In battle they wielded two-handed axes.

Their lord Maeglin had previously betrayed Turgon and Gondolin. Thus during the Fall of Gondolin they fought on Morgoth's side, facing those from the House of the Wing, led by Tuor, who dueled Maeglin and killed him. Loyal to their lord, those from the House of the Mole turned upon his killer, but though they were numerous, they could not stand against Tuor's wrath. Most of them were "smitten and driven to fly into what dark holes they might" in that battle.[1]

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