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Hello, I am Warmaster, an inhabitant of Luthien *cough* Aka England. I have been a Tolkien fan now for about 7 years. While i started with the Hobbit (ok) then LOTR (pretty good) my real favorite parts of Middle-Earth are without a doubt those contained in The Silmarillion Which is probably my favorite book of all time. This links well to my interests - i have always been a fan of history, and of map making, and the Silmarillion got lots of both in at once. I also write my own fantasy stories, of which the Silmarillion is a far bigger influence than LOTR.

[edit] My thoughts on the Legendarium

While the fact that Tolkien never completed the Legendarium is extremely depressing at times, the material he did 'complete' and the work he left behind unfinished are some of the most absorbing and thoughtful works i have ever read. Especially notable is the Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth (which should have been an appendix to the Silmarillion as Tolkien intended) and other such elements from Morgoth's Ring, which shows how deep Tolkien took his world. While the extention to include Numenor and then Gondor/Dunedain kingdoms deeply enriched Middle-Earth from the concepts of the 1930s, I do honestly think that the Hobbits are, and have always been the weakest link of the Legendarium. In all, despite its unfinished state, no fantasy author since has come remotely close (nor actually even tried!) to match Tolkien's skill as a world builder.