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Tolkien Studies: Volume 11

Tolkien Studies: Volume 11
Tolkien Studies - Volume 11.jpg
EditorDavid Bratman, Michael D.C. Drout, Verlyn Flieger
PublisherWest Virginia University Press

Tolkien Studies: Volume 11 is the eleventh volume of the annual review Tolkien Studies.

[edit] Contents

  • Articles
    • John Garth, “‘The road from adaptation to invention': How Tolkien Came to the Brink of Middle-earth in 1914″
    • Sister Maria Frassati Jakupcak, “‘A Particular Cast of Fancy': Addison’s Walk with Tolkien and Lewis”
    • Nelson Goering, “Lŷg and Leuca: ‘Elven-Latin,’ Archaic Languages, and the Philology of Britain”
    • Bernhard Hirsch, “After the ‘end of all things': The Long Return Home to the Shire”
    • Richard Z. Gallant, “Original Sin in Heorot and Valinor”
    • Michael A. Wodzak and Victoria Holtz Wodzak, “Visibílium Ómnium et Invisibílium: Looking Out, On, and In Tolkien’s World”
    • Verlyn Flieger, “But What Did He Really Mean?”
    • Michael D.C. Drout, Namiko Hitotsubashi and Rachel Scavera, “Tolkien’s Creation of the Impression of Depth”

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