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This is a list of all editors who have over 500 edits. "Inactive" is defined as any user who hasn't edited in 3 months; and "Editor Since" is the date of the editor's first edit, not their join date. Inactive/Active links directly to a user's contributions.
RankUserEditsActivityEditor SinceNotes
1Mith (Talk) 45,260Active7 December 2006Bureaucrat, Community Manager and Dates Supervisor
2Morgan (Talk) 30,261Active10 April 2009Sysop and Books Supervisor
Mithbot (Talk) 25,059Active9 January 2010Bot, owned by Mith
3Hyarion (Talk) 24,426Active4 June 2005Founder and Bureaucrat
4Ederchil (Talk) 20,266Inactive12 January 2008Bureaucrat and Adaptations Supervisor
5KingAragorn (Talk) 16,766Inactive29 August 2007Sysop and Locations Supervisor
KingAragorn Bot (Talk) 15,471Inactive5 June 2008Bot, owned by KingAragorn
6Sage (Talk) 14,752Active30 June 2008
7Amroth (Talk) 7,568Inactive25 February 2010Games Supervisor
8Gilgamesh (Talk) 7,032Inactive19 January 2010
9Narfil Palùrfalas (Talk) 6,515Inactive11 April 2006
10LorenzoCB (Talk) 8,744Active16 March 2019
11Tik (Talk) 4,955Active11 June 2005
12Sigurd (Talk) 4,606Inactive23 November 2013
13Gamling (Talk) 4,564Inactive6 March 2011
14Dwarf Lord (Talk) 4,379Inactive28 March 2006
15Ebakunin (Talk) 3,823Active16 April 2006
16BalrogTrainer (Talk) 3,040Inactive13 April 2013
17Woolly Mammoth (Talk) 2,580Inactive9 May 2015Blocked - unreasonable behaviour
18Pinkkeith (Talk) 1,652Inactive27 February 2009
19Dr Death (Talk) 1,633Inactive26 December 2006
20Theoden1 (Talk) 1,460Inactive2 June 2007
21IvarTheBoneless (Talk) 2,488Active26 April 2020
22Fleela (Talk) 1,420Inactive9 June 2007
23Mthomas (Talk) 1,364Inactive12 March 2009
24Aule the Smith (Talk) 1,332Inactive9 February 2008
25Earendilyon (Talk) 1,176Inactive1 February 2006
26Wingfoot (Talk) 1,174Inactive18 December 2013
27Tar-Telperien (Talk) 975Inactive3 September 2006
28Eldarion Telcontar (Talk) 890Inactive8 March 2008
29J.R.R. Tolkien (Talk) 775Inactive1 February 2012
30Akhorahil (Talk) 1,348Active9 April 2020
31Mithrennaith (Talk) 774Inactive26 April 2007
Harry S. Plinkett (Talk) 769Inactive19 July 2015Blocked - sockpuppet for Woolly Mammoth
32Quidon88 (Talk) 764Inactive15 June 2006
33Þelma (Talk) 758Inactive14 June 2008
34Elemmakil (Talk) 663Inactive16 October 2005
35Grond (Talk) 652Active11 December 2008
36Rion (Talk) 560Inactive21 April 2006
37Elf-esteem (Talk) 554Inactive25 November 2015
38Protospace (Talk) 557Active21 February 2017
39Edrastel (Talk) 523Inactive21 December 2015
40Bokkie (Talk) 515Inactive25 August 2005
41Linathiel (Talk) 507Inactive10 January 2008

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