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I was going to convert this page into a portal for easier navigation of all the Language related articles. While some of the information would be saved a lot of it wouldn't be added to the portal. Can we afford to lose it/move it to a more specific article or do we really need one article all about the languages and we should look for a different title for the portal? --Hyarion 03:34, 11 December 2006 (EST)

I would like to ask the same as Hyarion did in 2006 above. -- KingAragorn  talk  contribs  edits  email  15:38, 1 February 2011 (UTC)
Surely, it's no longer an issue as we can have "Languages" and "Portal:Languages" (I'm not sure what a Portal could contain, though). In any case, I think a beefed up version of this article should be kept (see Wikipedia's version). --Mith (Talk/Contribs/Edits) 16:25, 6 February 2011 (UTC)