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Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl

The Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl
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LocationEnchanted Isles
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The Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl was a mysterious figure that dwelt amidst the Enchanted Isles.[1]

It was said that they were awoken by the gong of Littleheart on the Voyage of Earendil in the Shadowy Seas. A song was associated with them, which was said to mention Elven divers seeking light underwater.

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

The Mysterious Sleeper is mentioned in a number of the Lost Tales. Notes for a final, unwritten Tale of Earendil suggested variously that the Sleeper might be Idril, an idea Tolkien explicitly rejected, or else a messenger of Turgon who was cursed and unable to leave the Tower. Christopher Tolkien identifies the 'Song of the Sleeper of the Tower of Pearl' references ecliptically in the Tales as The Happy Mariners, an early poem of Tolkien's before the beginning of the Lost Tales.


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