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NEK is an Elvish root, with two different meanings.

[edit] NEK1

Meaning: "deprive"[1]:167, "divide, part, separate"[2]

  • Quenya: nehta- "deprive"; nehtanō "one deprived, exile whose rights and goods have been confiscated"; -enca and nec- "without, -less"
  • Sindarin: neithan (cognate of nehtanō)

[edit] NEK2

Meaning: "narrow"[3]

  • Common Eldarin: nek-tē
    • Quenya: nehte "angle", nerca, nexa "sharp, angular", nekel "a thorn"
    • Sindarin: neith, naith "angle",[1]:55 "a spearhead, gore, wedge, narrow promontory"[3], neg(e)n "sharp, angular"



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