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Biographical Information
BirthSecond Age
DeathSecond Age
Physical Description

Mogru was a man who held the position of town-master in Agar during the Second Age. He is described as a "fat man with eyes like a lizard", who had much power among his kind.

As he received the ill news of Númenórean ships approaching, from Tal-Elmar and Hazad Longbeard, he mocked them and refused to believe such story, for the Númenóreans had not arrived in that land during his lifetime. However, at their request, he walked with difficulty towards a hill from where he could see the Great Sea. By then the ships that Tal-Elmar had seen were too close to the hilly shore to be spotted. Due to the fact that he hated Tal-Elmar and his blunt way of speaking to him, without showing the respect he believed he was deserving, Mogru sent Tal-Elmar ahead to the ships, as a scout.[1]

The fate of Mogru it is not known further.


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