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Mallorn 5

Mallorn 5
Mallorn 5.jpg
EditorVera Chapman
PublisherThe Tolkien Society

Mallorn 5 is the 5th issue of the Mallorn journal.


[edit] Contents

  • "Pro-Editorial from the Pro-Editor" by Vera Chapman includes a letter from Tolkien to Vera Chapman and The Tolkien Society (p. 2).
  • Letters to the Editor (pp. 3-8).
  • "Flaws in the Tapestry of 'The Lord of the Rings'" (John Abbott; pp. 9-10).
  • Serial: "Sir John de Creke, His Quest" (Vera Chapman; pp. 11-14).
  • Poem: "Tire Na Noge" (A.R. Fallone; pp. 15-16).
  • Belladonna's Postbag (Belladonna Took; pp. 17-18).
  • Book Reviews (pp. 19-22).
  • "Shields of Middle-earth (Helen Kerley; pp. 23-24, 25).
  • Poem: "The Professor at Oxford" (V[era] C[hapman] Vera Chapman; p. 24).
  • Appendix: "The Nazgul" bulletin (John B. Abbott; pp. 1-4).
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