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A Tribute to Tolkien

A Tribute to Tolkien is the title of an article written by Robert Murray and published in The Tablet, 15 September 1973.

The article includes recollections of Tolkien by Murray. Sometime in August 1973, Tolkien, Murray and perhaps some other people, were having lunch. Murray writes:

"Ronald was maintaining with great vigour over the luncheon table that one of the greatest disasters of European history was the fact that the Goths turned Arian: but for that, their languages, just ready to become classical, would have been enriched not only with a great bible version but also, on Byzantine principles, with a vernacular liturgy, which would have served as a model for all the Germanic peoples and would have given them a native Catholicism which would never break apart. And with that he rose and in splendidly sonorous tones declaimed the Our Father in Gothic."
― "A Tribute to Tolkien", pp. 879-80

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