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"I shan't call it the end, till we've cleared up the mess." — Sam
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Fourth Age
Year Event
1 Elanor Gardner born
About this time Legolas and Gimli lead part of their peoples to Gondor.
3 Death of Adelard Took, Frodo Gardner born
5 Rose Gardner born
6 Will Whitfoot resigns and Samwise is elected Mayor, Merry Gardner born. Peregrin Took marries Diamond of Long Cleeve.
King Elessar issues an edict that Men are not to enter the Drúadan Forest and Shire, and he makes it a Free Land under the protection of the Northern Sceptre.
8 Pippin Gardner is born.
9 Faramir Took I, son of Peregrin born.
10 Goldilocks Gardner born, Death of Odovacar Bolger Death of Vigo Boffin
11 Death of the Saradoc Brandybuck. Meriadoc becomes Master of Buckland and great gifts are sent to him by King Éomer and Lady Éowyn of Ithilien. Hamfast Gardner born
12 Daisy Gardner born, Death of Filibert Bolger
13 Death of Paladin Took II. Peregrin Took becomes the Thain and King Elessar makes the Thain, the Master of Buckland and the Mayor to be Counsellors of the North-kingdom. Samwise elected Mayor for the second time
15 King Elessar rides north and dwells for a while in Annúminas by Lake Evendim. He comes to the Brandywine Bridge, and there greets his friends. He gives the Star of the Dúnedain to Master Samwise, and Elanor is made a maid of honour to Queen Arwen.

Deaths of Glóin and Olo Proudfoot. Primrose Gardner born

16 Bilbo Gardner born
18 Ruby Gardner born
19 Robin Gardner born
20 Eldarion, son of Elessar and Arwen born. Samwise elected Mayor for the third time
21 Samwise, Rose and Elanor ride to Gondor; Master Tolman Cotton acts as deputy Mayor. Tolman Gardner born.
22 Samwise, Rose and Elanor leave Gondor.
27 Samwise elected Mayor for the fourth time
30 Elanor Gardner weds Fastred of Greenholm on the Far Downs.
31 The Westmarch becomes a part of the Shire by the gift of the King. Many hobbits remove to it.
33 Death of Imrahil. Elphir becomes Prince of Dol Amroth. Elfstan Fairbairn born son of Fastred and Elanor
34 Fastred and Elanor make their dwelling at Undertowers on the Tower Hills, where their descendants, the Fairbairns of the Towers, dwelt for many generations.

Samwise elected Mayor for the fifth time. At his request the Thain makes Fastred Warden of Westmarch

41 Holfast Gardner born
42 Samwise elected Mayor for the sixth time
42 Faramir Took I weds Goldilocks Gardner
48 Samwise becomes Mayor for seventh and final time
61 Death of Rose Gamgee on Midyear's Day.

On September 22 Samwise rides out from Bag End and he comes to the Tower Hills, where he is last seen by Elanor. He gives her the Red Book afterwards kept by the Fairbairns. Samwise passed the Towers, went to the Grey Havens and passed over Sea, last of the Ring-bearers.

65 (Spring) Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took depart from the Shire and travel into the south. Faramir Took I succeeds his father Peregrin as Thain of the Shire. Meriadoc came to Edoras and was with King Éomer before he died in that autumn. Then he and Thain Peregrin went to Gondor and passed what short years were left to them in that realm, until they died and were laid in Rath Dínen among the great of Gondor. Elfwine becomes King of Rohan
67 Death of Prince Elphir. Alphros becomes Prince of Dol Amroth.
81 Harding of the Hill (Harding Gardner) born
83 Death of Faramir. Elboron becomes Prince of Ithilien and Steward of the Reunited Kingdom
91 Apparent death of Dwalin at 340 years of age.
95 Death of Alphros
120 March 1st: King Elessar dies. It is said that the beds of Meriadoc and Peregrin were set beside the bed of the great king. Eldarion becomes King of Gondor and Arnor.

Legolas builds a grey ship in Ithilien, and with Gimli sails down Anduin and so over Sea. End in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring.

121 Death of Arwen Undómiel in Lórien
172 A copy of the Red Book of Westmarch is completed in Gondor by Findegil, the King's Writer.
185 Death of Harding of the Hill, Samwise Gamgee's heir.
220 The New Shadow arises. Death of Eldarion?
??? Durin VII retakes Moria