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Peregrin Took

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Peregrin Took
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Biographical Information
Other namesPippin, "Fool of a Took", Ernil i Pheriannath (Prince of the Halflings), Guard of the Citadel, Knight of Gondor, Thain Peregrin I, Counsellor of the North-kingdom, Razanur Tûk
BirthT.A. 2990
DeathAfter Fo.A 64
ParentagePaladin Took II + Eglantine Banks
Physical Description
HeightTaller than 4'-5"
Hair colorAlmost golden
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There must be someone with intelligence in the party. [said Pippin]
Then you certainly will not be chosen, Peregrin Took! said Gandalf:— The Ring goes South, The Fellowship of the Ring

Peregrin Took was one of the Hobbits in the Fellowship of the Ring. He was the youngest of the Company, being in his tweens, but grew up quickly and eventually became a Knight of Gondor. Elrond at least seemed to doubt his capability for the quest, but Pippin proved to be a loyal and courageous friend.



Name & Heritage

He was born in the Third Age 2990 to Paladin Took II and Eglantine Banks, thus heir to the title of Thain. He had three older sisters, Pearl Took, Pimpernel Took, and Pervinca Took. His true Westron name was Razanur Tûk.

Actions during the War of the Ring

He was a part of the Conspirators, and eventually joined Frodo Baggins on his quest to destroy the One Ring, along with his friends Meriadoc Brandybuck and Samwise Gamgee. At Bree, his 'Tookish' qualities got the group into trouble, when he inadvertantly caused the One Ring to fall upon Frodo's finger.

After reaching Rivendell, he, with Merry, insisted on not being left behind on the Quest of the Ring. Therefore they were chosen as the eighth and ninth members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

In Moria, Pippin carelessly dropped a stone down a well, possibly alerting the orcs which had inhabited the mines of the Company's presence.

Captured along with Merry upon Amon Hen by a band of Uruk-hai, Pippin displayed a keen sense of intelligence by leaving a trail of footprints and dropping his Lórien brooch for Aragorn to find. They eventually escaped to become the first mortals for many centuries to encounter the Ents of Fangorn Forest.

Pippin was also present at the destruction of Isengard, but was soon taken by Gandalf to Minas Tirith, after looking into the palantir of Orthanc and being mistaken by Sauron for the Ringbearer. There he pledged allegiance to Denethor and became a Guard of the Citadel. During the Siege of Gondor, he helped save the life of Faramir, and at the Battle of the Morannon he slew a troll in defense of Beregond.

After the war

Along with Merry, he led the victory at the Battle of Bywater, and eventually married Diamond of Long Cleeve. They had a son named Faramir.

Pippin retired to Gondor in the year 64 of the Fourth Age, and when he died his bed was laid beside that of Merry and the King Elessar.

Portrayal in adaptations

Peregrin Took was played by Billy Boyd in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson has been accused of making his character seem foolish and bumbling.

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