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{{pronounce|Sindarin - Melian.mp3|Gilgamesh}}
{{pronounce|Sindarin - Melian.mp3|Gilgamesh}}
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{{pronounce|Quenya - Melyanna.mp3|Gilgamesh}}
'''Melian''' (pron. {{IPA|[ˈmeljan]}}) in [[Sindarin]] means ''Dear gift''. Her [[Quenya]] name was '''Melyanna''' (pron. {{IPA|[meˈʎanːa]}}; from ''mel,'' "love" and ''anna,'' "gift"). She was also called ''[[Tóril]]'' meaning "Queen".
'''Melian''' (pron. {{IPA|[ˈmeljan]}}) in [[Sindarin]] means ''Dear gift''. Her [[Quenya]] name was '''Melyanna''' (pron. {{IPA|[meˈʎanːa]}}; from ''mel,'' "love" and ''anna,'' "gift").<ref>{{S|Index}}, entry ''mel-''</ref> She was also called ''[[Tóril]]'' meaning "Queen".
== Other Versions ==
== Other Versions ==

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Biographical Information
TitlesQueen of Doriath
AffiliationVána and Estë
Notable forGirdle of Melian
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
GalleryImages of Melian

Melian the Maia was the wife of Elu Thingol, mother of Lúthien, and Queen of Doriath.



Melian served Vana and Este. In Valinor, she dwelt in the gardens of Lórien tending its trees; the song of nightingales followed her paces.[1]

She was said to be akin to Yavanna the Valie. She is associated with songbirds, and it is said she taught nightingales how to sing. [2]

Elena Kukanova - Nan Elmoth - Elwe and Melian

Melian journeyed often to Middle-earth for she loved the deep shadows of trees and forests, back in the time of the Great March when the Eldar marched into the West. There, in the woods of Nan Elmoth, she came upon Elwë Singollo of the people of the Teleri. Elwe was entranced and fell into a swoon at the sight of the Maia Melian and the two of them stood hand in hand unable to move or speak for years while the trees grew around them. As a result of his absence, a portion of his followers stayed behind to search for him, while the rest continued on to Valinor.

Melian and Thingol recovered and gathered the Elves who stayed behind to look for Elwe, who were named Eglath. They founded the kingdom of Eglador in and ruled as King and Queen of all the Elves in Beleriand. Melian was the only known Ainu who coupled with one of the Children of Ilúvatar, and she begot a child, Lúthien Tinúviel, who was the fairest of the Children to have ever lived. She married the Man Beren Erchamion, and as a result, Melian's Maian blood was passed on to both Elves and Men.

When war with the Great Enemy, Morgoth, came to their land, she used her powers to guard and defend it with a protection called List Melian, or "the Girdle of Melian" and their kingdom was known as Doriath, the Land of the Fence. This prevented anyone less powerful than Melian from entering the kingdom. However, with the foresight of a Maia, she predicted that one day someone more powerful would be able to enter. When Beren arrived as foretold, she counseled King Thingol against sending Beren to search for a Silmaril, which would eventually lead to Doriath's ruin. This was one of many instances in which she proved, through her wisdom and powers of foresight, to be wiser than her husband, and an effective queen of her land. The great evil wolf Carcharoth also passed the Girdle, as the power of the Silmaril let him.

In Doriath she also became a friend and tutor of Galadriel to whom she taught the art of lembas-baking which she knew from her mistress, Yavanna. After the departure of Lúthien and Beren, she aided Túrin and his mother and sister. She provided Beleg with some way-bread, lembas, showing great favor because never before lembas was given to a Man and seldom it was again. But she also foresaw his doom in his quest for Túrin. When Húrin returned, she was the one to lift the spell of Morgoth from him.

Thingol's arrogance eventually resulted to his death in the Battle of the Thousand Caves. She then vanished from the mortal lands, passing to Valinor, where she mourned the loss of her husband in the Halls of Mandos and her daughter to the unknown fate of the Gift of Men.


Melian (pron. [ˈmeljan]) in Sindarin means Dear gift. Her Quenya name was Melyanna (pron. [meˈʎanːa]; from mel, "love" and anna, "gift").[3] She was also called Tóril meaning "Queen".

Other Versions

In the early legendarium Melian is defined as a fay, making her somewhat more sinister than in her later appearance. This version of her is presented in The Tale of Tinúviel, Tolkien's first story of Beren and Lúthien, which was written in archaic english and published in The Book of Lost Tales Part Two. In this work she appears in another later narrative, although her character is portrayed as being far weaker and more frail than Melian's final manifestation.


Elu Thingol
House of Bëor
Dior Eluchíl

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