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Biographical Information
Titles1st Chieftain of the Third House of the Edain.
LanguageMannish dialect
BirthF.A. 282
East of the Ered Luin
DeathF.A. 376 (aged 94)
HouseFounded the House of Marach (later known as House of Hador)
ChildrenMalach, Imlach
Physical Description

Marach (F.A. 282-376[1]) was one of the original leaders of the Edain when they migrated into Beleriand. He was the father of two sons, Malach Aradan the elder, and Imlach the younger. Marach was the great-great-grandfather of Hador Lórindol.

[edit] History

Marach's people were the most numerous of the groups of Men that moved westward over the Ered Luin in the First Age. Due to the size of Marach's host they kept together and moved slowly – so much so that although Marach was originally in the lead he was passed by the people of Bëor and the Haladin. When the Haladin crossed over the mountains they were turned north by the unfriendship of the Green-elves. However, when the folk of Marach followed the Haladin a year later, marching in ordered companies of tall, warlike folk, the Elves of Ossiriand stayed out of their way.

Marach's people did not tarry in Ossiriand for they had heard that the people of Bëor had found a green and fertile land. Marching down the Dwarf-road they settled to the south and east of the lands of Baran, son of Bëor, in a region called Estolad.

Most of the people of Marach wanted to journey further west, so Malach Aradan, the son of Marach, led them to the southern slopes of Ered Wethrin. Marach however chose to remain in Estolad until his death.[2]

[edit] Genealogy

F.A. 282 - 376
307 - 398
b. 310
b. 339
b. 339
b. 341
b. 337
b. 374
b. 365

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

Originally it was Hador Lórindol who led the people of the third house of the Edain across the Ered Luin into Beleriand; this was changed so that Hador became Marach's descendant of the fourth generation.[1]

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