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Map of Khand and neighbouring regions
General Information
LocationSouth-east of Mordor

Khand was the name of a land which lay to the south-east of Mordor and to the east of Near Harad.[1] The Men of Khand included the Variags.[2]


[edit] History

Little is known about Khand or its people, other than that they were allied to Mordor.

The people of Khand and of Rhûn seemed to have been enemies on and off throughout the ages. The Easterlings known as the Wainriders passed south of Mordor and made an alliance with the men of Khand and of Near Harad. In T.A. 1944 they made a coordinated attack against Gondor.[3][4]

Years later, Variags from Khand joined the forces of Sauron during the War of the Ring.[2]

It is unknown if Khand was ever conquered by the Reunited Kingdom or if they remained independent. It is also unknown if Khand ever warred with the folk of the West after Sauron's demise.

[edit] Etymology

The meaning of Khand is unknown; it is, along with Mûmak and Variag, one of the few known words from the languages of the Men of the East and allies of Sauron.[5]

[edit] External links

  • Map of Khand by Sampsa Rydman at [1]


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