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Isabella Pavani - Fuinur.png
"Fuinur" by Isabella Pavani
Biographical Information
LocationAssociated with Harad
RuleLate Second Age[note 1]
Physical Description
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Fuinur was a Black Númenórean who lived in the late Second Age. He sailed east to Middle-earth, apparently with a companion named Herumor, and settled in the southern region known as Harad. These two became lords in Middle-earth, coming to hold power among the Haradrim.[1]


The initial element of this name is S. fuin "night"[2], but the meaning of the suffix is unclear.


  1. He appears in the narrative after Sauron returned to Mordor, but before the first capture of Minas Ithil, which in principle gives us dates somewhere between S.A. 3320 and S.A. 3429. He certainly belonged to the closing centuries of the Second Age.


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