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East Lórien

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East Lórien was the name and the Eastern border of Lothlórien in the southern area of Eryn Lasgalen (former Mirkwood).

East Lórien consisted of the broad forest around the base of Amon Lanc south of the Narrows, and on eastwards for some two hundred miles. The area to the north was populated by Beornings and Woodmen.


During the Third Age, the Necromancer built Dol Guldur on the hill of Amon Lanc, and this part of the Forest was under his influence. During the War of the Ring, Dol Guldur was torn down by the Elves of Lórien (who dwelt immediately to the west across the Anduin); and after a meeting with the Elveking Thranduil and the renaming of the cleansed Forest on Yestare, Celeborn claimed the southern woods.

Celeborn ruled the realm into the Fourth Age though he did not remain there long. After a few years he retired to Rivendell, leaving the wooded land of East Lórien populated by only a few wandering Silvan Elves.[1]


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