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David Wenham

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David Wenham
David Wenham
LifetimeSeptember 21, 1965
PortrayedFaramir in:
 The Lord of the Rings (film series)

Australian actor David Wenham (born 1965) played Faramir in The Lord of the Rings (film series) film trilogy.

[edit] Quotes

"Faramir has grown up in strange situation... but not an uncommon one. Growing up in a family where he has a father who obviously prefers the oldest son. Sometimes fathers prefer the youngest son but not in this case."
― David Wenham,
"I'm sure that there is a jealousy from Denethor towards Gandalf of that friendship of Gandalf and Faramir. And it manifests itself in a frustration with the youngest son by Denethor and an obvious preference for Boromir."
― David Wenham,
"What Peter has done not only with this part of The Lord of the Rings but with all the book and all the story, is to be as truthful and real as possible in every situation. He was adamant about that and so hopefully about that this part of the story will come across as very real and very believable for the audience. So it won't be greatly pathetic from the audience to swallow the fact that Éowyn is nearly changed between her obsession for Aragorn and then her love for Faramir."
― David Wenham,

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