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In the Etymologies, Tolkien derived Qenya Sauron from the Qenya word saura ("foul, evil-smelling, putrid") (root THUS).[1]

The same idea appears in a manuscript from the 1950s, where Sauron is said to derive from Quenya saura ("foul, vile"; from root SAWA). The manuscript continues saying that the name "could be a genuine Sindarin formation from saur; but is probably from Quenya).

However, Tolkien appears to have rejected this idea, adding the comment "No. THAW-, cruel. Saura, cruel" in the manuscript.[2] This points to the version provided by Tolkien in a draft letter, where Sauron is similarly derived from the root THAW ("detestable").[3]

In the published the Silmarillion, Christopher Tolkien links Sauron to Gorthaur from the word thaur ("abominable, abhorrent"). He suggests that Sauron thus derives from Thauron.[4] As the name Thauron appears to not be found in any other publsihed writings by J.R.R. Tolkien, it is unknown if Thauron is suggested (invented) as an intermittent form by Christoper, or if he had access to unpublished manuscripts when compiling the Appendix on "Elements in Quenya and Sindarin names".

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