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"Nai Eru manyuva molienya ar tératuvas!"
Aulë in Quenta Silmarillion, "Of Aulë and Yavanna"

Tolkien Gateway already helped me a lot, so I want to help making it bigger and wholesome. I'm from Spain, but I have most of the bibliography both in Spanish and English, and I enjoy checking both languages. My English is still on work, so I appreciate all the corrections, specially with the long texts.

My favourite character is Finrod Felagund, but I think Tom Bombadil is the most important character in all the Legendarium. I believe the Eldar had Baroque dances.

As a converted Catholic, I like to study about Tolkien's spirituality and theology. I also love Quenya and when I have time I "translate" the works of Riener Quentandil, but currently I'm working on too many projects. Tolkien teached me I should finish things, but I can't help beginning things when new ideas come.

Occasionally I edit videos, like the Namárië.

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More interested in editing extratextual stuff.

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[edit] Riener Quentandil

LorenzoCB - Quentandil.png
Emblem of Riener Quentandil
Biographical Information
Other namesQuentandil (Q, mn), Lórenotso (Q, sn)
LocationNargothrond; Balar; Lindon; Hyarastorni; Luvailin
AffiliationUnion of Maedhros, Lambengolmor
LanguageQuenya, Adûnaic, Telerin
BirthY.T. 1490?
Sailed westS.A. 882
HouseHouse of Finarfin; House of Finrod
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack
WeaponryQuill pen and sword
"As I am but an orphan dragged by fate, a scribe whose only imprint in the court is the ink of others' words."
Letter to Orodreth

Riener was born under the Light of the Trees in a vassal family of the House of Finarfin. Because of his early attraction to tengwar and stories, his mother gave him the name Quentandil, "Lover of Tales". He also choosed the personal name of Lórenotso, which weirdly means "Seven times dream"; as he explained, it came from a recurring dream he had seven times.

[edit] Life in Middle-earth

He was just a teenager when the Fall of the Noldor happened. His mother abandoned him and his father when Finarfin refused to follow the Noldor into exile, and his father died in the march by the Helcaraxe, so he arrived in Beleriand completely orphaned. Finrod Felagund took him under his protection, granting him a position as a scribe in his court. During the stay of his lord in Doriath, he had problems refusing to abandone Quenya speech in public. He lived in Nargothrond until the Union of Maedhros, because he rejected Orodreth as king, whom he accused of being an inept ruler who lost the best chance to avenge the death of King Finrod. Although his disdain for the House of Feanor was known, he promoted the Union with numerous writings, of which we preserve the Letter to Orodreth. He survived the Nirnaeth Arnœdiad, on which he composed a poem. After wandering around Beleriand for many decades, he joined the people of Círdan.

He did not return to Valinor once the War of Wrath ended, as he was too attached to Middle-earth; but seven hundred years later he embarked to the West. However, he stopped in Númenor, where he lived for several centuries as a teacher, until his stay on the island put in danger many friends. As he escaped quickly, he could not take many books with him and he barely saved anything he had written on the island.

[edit] Life in Valinor

As he delayed his return in Númenor without authorization, he had to wait in Tol Eressea for a whole age, until the end of the Third. He settled in a cabin near Kôr, where he had time to read and put his writings in order. After finding the Golden Book and various manuscripts of the Quenta Silmarillion, he realized that with the pass of time the different versions had changed or omitted information. Then he decided to create his own edition, in which he would compile as much information as possible from all the sources, giving it coherence and expanding it with some details of his own knowledge. It took him a long time to get the necessary manuscripts, millennia in some case, as he was confined in Tol Eressea, so when he was able to return to Eldamar his edition was still in process.

In Valinor he built his home in a retired cave, next to the Shadowmere, but he also used to live long periods in Tirion, rendering his services to Finrod, and he liked to travel through the woods and borders of Aman. As a result of these trips and his bibliographical research, he wrote Description of Aman. He witnessed the Erunostale festivities, and he was so impressed that he decided to write a summary of those sacred months, researching about the actions of the Valar. Two years later he was called by Finrod to be one of the official scribes in the debates on the Nativity of Eru. Riener wrote everything that was said there and gave it shape in the Istimon Artaquetta, which was his last work. Since the announcement made in the Erunostale, he showed great joy and was very active, but inside him grew the longing for the East, and he frequented the shores of Eldamar. In the year 26 of the Sixth Age he commissioned the construction of a ship for himself, and as soon as it was completed two years later, he told his few friends that he was leaving to Middle-earth, but he gave no explanation. Although his intention surprised many and there were those who wanted to denounce him to the Valar, Riener leaved discreetly and without problems, and he was not seen again in Aman except in Mandos.

[edit] Heraldry

His personal emblem is based on Finrod's, his lord: that's why it keeps the green background even though the heraldic rules do not allow to put an element on a background of the same color. The laurel comes from his father-name Riener, which means "Male with vegetal crown". We do not know why he was given that name. The tengwa rómen is clearly from the first letter of the name, but we can also deduce two more details: his love for the letters and his attraction for the East, to which his destiny was linked since his childhood.

[edit] Known Works

  • Letter to Orodreth (Tenca Artarestonna)
  • Mourning for the Fourth Battle (Yaime rá Ohta Cantea)
  • Mourning above the Fifth Battle (Yaime or Ohtas Lempea)
  • Elegy for Sunken Beleriand (Noilire rá Ingolonden)
  • The Slaying of the Dragon (Angonahtale), a dramatized version about the Death of Glaurung
  • Kôr Doze (Koroloro)
  • A dramatized version of the Noldolante
  • A personal reedition of the Quenta Silmarillion (Entécina Quenta Silmarillion)
  • Description of Aman (Amanquenta)
  • Christmas in Valinor (Erunostale Valinóresse)
  • Debate of the Wise (Artaquetta Istimon: Manen Eru ná nóna ve fire?)