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Tolkiens arv

Tolkiens arv
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AuthorÅke Ohlmarks
PublisherBokförlaget Plus

Tolkiens arv (Swedish: The Legacy of Tolkien) is a Swedish-language book by Åke Ohlmarks which tells the story of an alleged personal harassment by Christopher Tolkien.

*Note: The content of the book was heavily contested upon its publication. For more information on the dispute, see the biography of Åke Ohlmarks.

[edit] From the back cover

ÅKE OHLMARKS has spent twenty years of his life introducing Tolkien in Sweden, translated nine works by and two on him, and also written the first biography on Tolkien in the world and created the only Swedish lexicon on Tolkien. On top of that, he has given lectures and established the national Tolkien Society.

After the death of Tolkien in 1973, Ohlmarks has been given a shameful treatment, to say the least, by Christopher Tolkien, the literary executor of his father's unpublished writings. The whole history, and especially the relation to the son of Tolkien, is here given an account which nearly amounts to a detective novel.

[Freely translated from Swedish]