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Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book

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Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book
Tolkien's World A Colouring Book.jpg
IllustratorMauro Mazzara and Andrea Piparo
Released12 November 2015

Beasts of Tolkien: A Colouring Book is an adult colouring book, illustrated by Mauro Mazzara and Andrea Piparo. The illustrations are based on J.R.R. Tolkien's writings.[1]

[edit] From the publisher

This mystical colouring book presents an abundance of famous scenes and characters inspired by Tolkien's Middle-earth. From Gandalf the Grey to the humble Hobbits, take time off from the busy pace of life and indulge your imagination while exploring the enthralling world of The Lord of the Rings and other tales. There's something new on every page as you discover the intricate elvish designs, fearsome characters and breath-taking landscapes - perfect to satisfy Tolkien fans and beyond. This book is unofficial and not authorised by the Tolkien Estate or HarperCollins Publishers.[1]

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