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The Road to Gondor

The Road to Gondor is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Strength of Sauron books

Book I: The Road to Gondor
Book II: The Dawnless Day
Book II: Voices of the Past

The Road to Gondor is the first book of The Strength of Sauron. The introduction quest is automatically started when the player reaches level 95.[1]


[edit] Summary

[edit] Introduction: West Gondor

The player is summoned to speak with Éowyn at Dunharrow.

[edit] Chapter 1: The Must of the Rohirrim

Éowyn tells of Aragorn's decission to leave the Rohirrim and take the Paths of the Dead. Several men noted the depart of Aragorn and the Rangers and have started to despair. Éowyn asks the player to speak with three men of Rohan - Darláf, Bosa and Sidrac - and settle the unrest. Whilst comforting them, they speak about the Paths of the Dead.

The player returns to Éowyn, who tells the player that Two boys - Elfdag, grandson of Elfhelm, and Radwine - watched the depart of Aragorn and his company. Elfdag challenged Radwine to follow them. Radwine returned to the camp after reaching the Dark Door but Elfdag went missing. Radwine begs the player to bring back Elfdag.

[edit] Chapter 2: The Ruthless Dead

Radwine escorts the player to the Black Door, where he enters the Paths of the Dead. In one of the tunnels the player meets Waldere, the only surviver of a party in search of Elfdag. He advises the player to look in the south-western tunnels. The player passes the corpses of Waldere's companions and eventually reaches the city of the Dead, where he finds Elfdag. The player and Elfdag are attacked by several Oathbreakers, but they retreat after a fight with the player. The player and Elfdag then return to Dunharrow.

[edit] Chapter 3: The Whisper of Death

Éowyn and the player learn from Elfdag that Aragorn summoned the Dead and claimed that he would lift their curse. Many followed him, but others - the Ruthless Dead - did not believe him and cast their lot in with Sauron. Éowyn is afraid that the Ruthless Dead will terrorize the people of West Gondor and aks the player to warn and protect the people of the Gondor.

The player travels through the Paths of the Dead and arrives in the Blackroot Vale. In Morlad, a hilltop settlement in the Blackroot Vale, the player is welcomed by Celegdal. Celegdal and the player speak about the appaerence of the Dead and other strange omens in the Blackroot Vale and the indifference of Denethor II for the Blackroot Vale. The appearance of the Dead has led animals to go in a frenzy. Celegdal asks the player to kill ten frenzied animals before they are driven in the heart of the city.

[edit] Chapter 4: Atop Erech

After the return of the player, Celegdal tells of his feeling that a great evil came from the Misty Mountains and travelled through the vale. It has been rumoured that the Dead dance on the Hill of Erech. Celegdil asks the player to investigate the hill. The player finds tracks in the dirt and booted footprints on the hill that suggests that living persons had gathered on the hilltop. The player is interrupted by a stranger, Rovalong, who witnessed the gathering of a company of grim men and a host of the Dead. The leader commanded the host to follow him through Tarlang's Neck. Rovalong fears that a great evil has come to Gondor.

[edit] Interlude: Those Who Are Dead

In this quest the player controls the character Lûtkal, an Oathbreaker.

The Grey Company travels through the Paths of the Dead and Aragorn summons the Dead to Erech. Lûtkal discusses the arrival of Isildur's Heir with Tenval, Drugât and Dûgden. The Dead are split on wether to answer Aragorn's summon or to throw their lot in with Sauron. Tenval desires redemption and argues that only Isildur's heir can lift the curse, Drugât and Dûgden on the other hand believe that only Sauron can save them. Lûtkal (the player) is uncertain.

If the player chooses to follow Tenval, Lûtkal answers Aragorn's summon and gathers with other Oathbreakers at Erech. Aragorn commands them to follow him to Pelargir and free the land from the servants of Sauron. If the player chooses to follow Drugât and Dûgden, Lûtkal will be curses forever and becomes a member of the Ruthless Dead.

[edit] Chapter 5: A Difficult Road

Rovalong now introduces himself as a knight of Dol Amroth and tells the player that Prince Imrahil has marched to Minas Tirith with a company of Swan-knights and several hundred men-of-arms. Lothíriel, Imrahil's daughter, rules Dol Amroth in his absence and sent a detachment of knights, including Rovalong, to protect the people in Lamedon and the vales of the Misty Mountains. Rovalong asks the player to follow the Dead through Tarlang's Neck and aid the people of Gondor, whilst he remeinas in the Morthond Vale.

On his way through Tarlang's Neck, the player meets Bandron, a merchant whose wagon broke down. Bandron sent his son, Nethadan, to the nearest town, Dínadab, for suplies but he has not yet returned. Bandron is affraid that Nethadan run into problems or a tavern. The player finds Nethadan, who was attacked by raiders, on the road and helps him to bring back supplies to his father. The merchant then asks the player to speak with his employer, Galengam, if he visits Calembel.

[edit] Chapter 6: The Merchant

In Calembel, the player reports the accident to Galengam, who mentions that farmers in his employ have been attacked by raiders. At Galengam's request, the player then defends the farmers in his employ against raiders. The player brings several weapons of the raiders to Galengam. After a critical look, Galengam recognises the weapons as weapons from the Corsairs of Umbar.

[edit] Chapter 7: Abandoned Refuge

Galengam suspects that the Corsair raiders have landed in Belfalas and have established a foothold in the Elven ruins of Edhellond. The player travels west to Edhellond. Near Edhelion, the player meet Lathlorn, who asks the player to explore Edhellond, kill a number of Corsairs and retrieve six Elven relics.

[edit] Chapter 8: Dorthaneth

After returning, Lathlorn tells the player that he is a member of the Avorrim, a group of Elves of the Grey Havens, sent by Círdan to maintain a watch on Edhellond. Since the last ships left Edhellond, the Avarrim have ensured that the docks remain free of debris and the paths clear. If Mithlond became untenable, Edhellond would be the only place from where Elves could leave for Valinor. The Avorrim were with too few to prevent the Corsairs from occupying Edhellond.

Lathlorn asks the player to inform Dorthaneth, the leader of the Avorrim, who resides in a cave near Edhellond. Dorthaneth welcomes the player and introduces him to a familiar face, Galdor, who is currently a guest of the Avorrim. Galdor is worried of the fierce loyalty of the Corsairs for the "heirs of Castamir" and a person known as "the Scourge" and warns the player to not underestimate them. Dorthaneth notes that the Corsairs have not shown such loyalty for a long time but doubts that the aforementioned heirs trully descend from Castamir.

[edit] Chapter 9: A Message for Lothíriel

Dorthaneth tells the player that she has grown fond of Lothíriel, who often left the walls of Dol Amroth to visit her. Dorthaneth counseled her concerning the war. Dorthaneth asks the player to travel to Dol Amroth and warn Lothíriel to not underestimate the "heirs of Castamir" and "the Scourge".

[edit] Chapter 10: Keepers of the History

After arriving at Dol Amroth, the player brings Dorthaneth's warning to Lothíriel. Lothíriel tells the player that she does not know much of the history of Umbar, although she knows the story of Castamir and believes that his line has ended. Lothíriel echoes an advice of her father, that is "the finest way to combat a new foe is to learn as much of his history and temper as you can, before facing him on the battlefield." Lothíriel, therefore, sends the player to the library to acquire as much information about Umbar and the Corsairs as possible. During the research, the player learns from the scholar Nosseth that Lothíriel was betrothed to Boromir. After learning this, the player tells Lothíriel of the death of her betrothed.

[edit] Chapter 11: The Swan-knights

Lothíriel regrets that she sent many of the Swan-knights to Lamedon and the vales of the White Mountains, given the unexpected severity of the Corsair threat. She sends the player to recall Nedhros, in Belfalas, Heledir, in Lamedon, and Rovalang, in the Blackroot Vale. Rovalang tells the player that a Nazgûl recently flew above the Blackroot Vale. The player decides to defeat the Nazgûl, to prevent the enemy from learning of Aragorn's passage and the summoning of the army of the Dead.

[edit] Chapter 12: The Shadow in Morthond

Rovalang and the player climb the slopes of the hill of Erech. A saddled Fell Beast is on the top of the hill, but its rider is not present. Rovalang and the player find and confront the Nazgûl, the Bane of Rhûn, before the entrance of the Paths of the Dead, waiting for Drugât's arrival. The Nazgûl recognises the player. Rovalang and the player are able to drive the Nazgûl away. They return to Dol Amroth and inform Lothíriel about the Nazgûl.

[edit] Comparison with Published Work

"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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