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The Hunt for Gollum

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The Hunt for Gollum
DirectorChris Bouchard
ProducerChris Bouchard, Spencer Duru, Noel Gale, Julianne Honey-Mennal, Brian Lavery, Kate Madison, Ashram Maharaj, Gladys San Juan, Sabina Sattar
J.R.R. Tolkien
Chris Bouchard
Additional Writing:
Sabina Sattar
Julianne Honey-Mennal
Stuart Price
Lewis Albrow
StarringAdrian Webster
MusicAdam Langston, Andrew Skrabutenas
CinematographyGareth Brough, Chris Child, John-Paul Frazer, Neill Phillips, Mike Ritchie, Stein Stie
EditingLewis Albrow
ReleasedMay 3, 2009
Runtime38 min
WebsiteOfficial website
IMDbIMDb Profile

The Hunt for Gollum is a fan film based on The Lord of the Rings. The film focuses on the events prior to The Fellowship of the Ring but after The Hobbit as Aragorn tracks down Gollum. Featured characters include Aragorn, Gandalf, Arwen and Gollum, with new characters Arithir, and Goblok. The film was made available to download for free on May 3, 2009.[1]


[edit] Synopsis

As Gandalf learns the truth about the ring in Frodo's possession, he dispatches Aragorn to find and capture the creature Gollum, the ring's former carrier.

[edit] Cast

Role Actor
Aragorn II Adrian Webster
Arwen Rita Ramnani
Gandalf Patrick O'Connell
Gollum (Voice) Gareth Brough
Gollum (Performer) Matthew Cunningham
Elf of Mirkwood Max Bracey
Arithir Arin Alldridge
Goblok Gareth Brough

[edit] Crew

  • Director: Chris Bouchard
  • Co-Producers:
    • Brian Lavery
    • Gladys San Juan
    • Julianne Honey-Mennal
    • Spencer Duru
  • 1st Assistant Director: Irene Maffei
  • Assistant Producer: Agatha O'Neil

Music by Adam Langston and Andrew Skrabutenas, based on music by Howard Shore and Clint Mansell.


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