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I don't think we can consider Erendis as one of the House of Bëor, as the Three Houses of the Edain fade out after the First Age, and new genealogical lines appeared. We should keep it as it is said in the text: «Beregar came of the House of Bëor by ancient descent» (UT:177). --LorenzoCB 07:52, 5 May 2019 (UTC)

I think we should at least say she's "Descended from the House of Bëor" similar to how Arwen (born much later) is "Descended from the House of Hador"--Yeyeye 22:14, 11 March 2020 (UTC)
I wrote that comment back when somebody tagged her as one of the House of Beor. What you say can be seen in the genealogical tree, but she can't belong to a House that no longer exists.--LorenzoCB 23:13, 11 March 2020 (UTC)