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Rúmil (elf of Tirion)

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"Who told you, and who sent you?" — Gandalf
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Steamey - Rúmil of Tirion.jpg
"Rúmil" by Steamey
Biographical Information
Other names"Elf-sage of Valinor"
LocationTirion, Valinor
LanguageCommon Eldarin, Valarin, Quenya and Telerin
Notable forSarati; see Works
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack[source?]
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Rúmil was a Lambengolmo ("Loremaster") of the Noldor, living in the city of Tirion.


[edit] History

Rúmil was notable for inventing writing. His alphabet was called Sarati, as each letter was called a sarat. This alphabet was later expanded and perfected by Fëanor as the Tengwar. He was also a skilled linguist, and when the Teleri finally arrived in Valinor he was first to discover just how the Telerin language differed from Common Eldarin compared to Quenya.

It is assumed that Rúmil was one of the Noldor who refused the summons of Fëanor, because he stopped writing his part of Annals of Valinor with the return to Valinor of those Noldor, led by Finarfin.[1].

[edit] Works

Rúmil was said to be the author of various works, some of which would find great acknowledgment after they were translated into Westron by Bilbo Baggins. These include:

Pengolodh of Gondolin, when arrived to Valinor, later continued and completed much of his work.

[edit] Etymology

The only thing known about the name Rúmil is that it is Quenya.[2]

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

In The Book of Lost Tales, an Elf of Tol Eressea named Rúmil narrates to Eriol the creation of Arda by Ilúvatar and the Ainur; this mirrors Rúmil's connection to the Ainulindale tale.


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