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Primrose Boffin

Primrose Boffin
Biographical Information
Other namesPrimrose Bracegirdle
LocationThe Yale
BirthS.R. 1265
ParentageOtto Boffin and Lavender Grubb
SiblingsHugo, Uffo and Rollo
SpouseBlanco Bracegirdle
ChildrenBruno and Lobelia
Physical Description

Primrose Bracegirdle, née Boffin was a Hobbit of the Shire.

[edit] History

Primrose was the daughter of Otto Boffin and Lavender Grubb. She married Blanco Bracegirdle and had two children, Bruno in S.R. 1313 and Lobelia in S.R. 1318.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Primrose (from Latin primula and English rose) are plants of the primula genus of the primrose family.


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