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General Information
Other namesNen Girith
LocationRiver Celebros in Brethil
DescriptionFine-spraying waterfall, crossed by a wooden bridge

Dimrost, also known as Nen Girith, was a cascading waterfall on the stream of Celebros, where it flowed down to meet the River Taeglin on the borders of Brethil.[1] The falls raised a fine spray into the air, from which they took their name, which means "Rainy Stair". Above Dimrost, the Men of Brethil had constructed a wooden bridge to cross the Celebros.

From the bridge, a wide view could be seen, showing the Ravines of Taeglin two miles distant.[2]

[edit] History

When Níniel was first brought to Brethil, when she saw that view from the bridge, she started shivering uncontrollably - so much so that the name of Dimrost was changed to Nen Girith, the "Shuddering Water".[2] It was only later that the cause of her fear was discovered: the Ravines she had seen from the bridge would be the place of her tragic death.[3]

[edit] Etymology

Nen Girith is Sindarin from dim "stair" and rost "rain".


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