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Nandorin was the language of the Nandor, those Telerin Elves who broke from the Great Journey east of the Misty Mountains. As Sindarin became the dominant Elvish tongue of Middle-earth, Nandorin became little-spoken, and by the Third Age, was represented mainly in old place-names and Silvan dialects developed under its influence.


[edit] Names

The most extensive posthumously published writing (so far) by Tolkien where he discusses the Nandorin tongue is found in the essay Tengwesta Qenderinwa (manuscript TQ 2, ca. 1951-52). Here, we learn that Nandorin was also called Danian (from the leader Dân). As a branch of the Nandor (the Green-elves) turned westward, settling in Ossiriand, Nandorin was divided into West-Danian (also called Ossiriandrin or Ossiriandish,[note 1] and Laiquenderin) and East-Danian.[1]

In The Lhammas (ca. 1937-38), Tolkien used different names for these tongues. East Danian is called Leikvian, and the tongue of those who settled in Ossiriand is called Ossiriandic or Ossiriandeb.[2]

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  1. Tolkien also uses the form Ossiriandish in a manuscript associated with "Words, Phrases and Passages in The Lord of the Rings" (Parma Eldalamberon 17, p. 153)


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