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General Information
LocationNorth of the Firth of Drengist, west of Ered Lómin
DescriptionEmpty coastland known for its echoes
EventsUngoliant's attack upon Morgoth

Lammoth, the "Great Echo", was a shoreland region far to the northwest of Beleriand, north of Drengist and west of the Ered Lómin.[1] It was where Ungoliant set upon Morgoth to attempt to gain the Silmarils. As Morgoth was being strangled he cried out in anguish and the echoes of this shout remained in the land thereafter. His cry was heard by the Balrogs from Angband who came and rescued their lord from the great spider.[2]

In the First Age, a battle was fought here between the Noldor of Fingolfin and a large host of orcs, resulting in a crushing defeat for Morgoth.[3]


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