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Iant Iaur

Iant Iaur
Liz Danforth - Iant Iaur.png
"Iant Iaur" by Liz Danforth
General Information
LocationNorthern eaves of Doriath
DescriptionStone bridge
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The Esgaliant or Iant Iaur as it became known in later days, was a bridge over the Esgalduin.

The bridge was great and made of stone,[1] part of the great road that ran north of Doriath and connected Brithiach to Arossiach.[2]

[edit] History

The Bridge of Esgalduin was made long before Morgoth came to Beleriand, perhaps by Dwarves.[3]

After terror entered the Ered Gorgoroth and the land to its south became deserted, the road and bridge fell into decay, and it was referred to as Iant Iaur, the Old Bridge.[4]

[edit] Etymology

Iant Iaur means "Old Bridge", from iant "bridge" and iaur "old".


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