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Birth Valinor
ChildrenGwindor & Gelmir
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Guilin was an Elf, probably Noldo, of Nargothrond. He was the father of two sons, Gwindor and Gelmir.

[edit] History

He was an Elf of Valinor who lived in Nargothrond during the late First Age. After Gwindor his son and Túrin returned to Nargothrond, the folk of that city held a great feast to commemorate Gwindor's return. During that feast he haled Túrin with a cup made in Valinor during the days of the glory of the Noldor. Afterwards he accepted them both into his own home.[1]

His sons played a great role on the history of the Elves in the late First Age. It was Gwindor's desperation over the torture of his brother that triggered the Nirnaeth Arnoediad,[2] and long after that dreadful battle he led Túrin back to Nargothrond, starting a chain of events that would lead to its destruction.[3]

[edit] Genealogy

b. F.A.
d. F.A. 495
d. F.A. 472


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