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Frodo of the Nine Fingers

Frodo of the Nine Fingers is a song written by Maury Laws (music) and Jules Bass (lyric) and performed by Glenn Yarbrough for the 1980 animated movie The Return of the King. In the film, it is sung by the Minstrel of Gondor (also played by Yarbrough) to help recount Frodo's journey to destroy the One Ring.

[edit] Lyrics

Frodo of the Nine Fingers
And the ring of doom...

SPOKEN (MINSTREL OF GONDOR): "It has its beginnings two Ages past, When Bilbo set forth to reclaim the Dwarves' gold from the Dragon Smaug... And while on his quest Bilbo stumbled into a deep dank cave."

When Bilbo found that shiny ring
In Gollum's cave of gloom,
He never thought that it would turn
Into a ring of doom.

The Dragon Smaug, the Spiders, too,
The Goblins, the Elven-king,
They came to know the power of
The Hobbit and his ring.

Frodo of the Nine Fingers
And the ring of doom.
It started with a Hobbit in
Gollum's cave of gloom.

The power of the ring, it grew,
And Gandalf sat in thought.
He knew that it must be destroyed
In fires where it was wrought.

For if in evil hands it fell,
The earth would know its end.
No force of arms would win the day,
No army could contend.

SPOKEN (GANDALF): "For evil flourished everywhere and lay on the land like a festering malignancy. There was one hope though, in a distant land, the noble Aragorn, heir to empty throne on Gondor awaited the small band to return and become king. But he could not triumph until the ring was destroyed, so went the prophecy."

Frodo of the Nine Fingers
And the ring of doom
Accepted a heavy burden
For the fires to consume.

SPOKEN (GANDALF): "Frodo and his gallant companion Samwise had many brave adventures, until finally they reached the rocky border of Mordor, domained the black lord Sauron. There, Frodo was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of Cirith Ungol. Samwise vowed to enter the Orc-infested tower alone to save him, and the ring of doom was missing around Frodo's neck."

Frodo of the Nine Fingers
And the ring of doom.
Why does he have nine fingers?
Where is the ring of doom?