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Red Fox portrayed in MERP

Foxes were dog-like carnivores of woodland and farmland, distinctive for their red-orange coats and their eerie plaintive cries.

In the Second Age, in Númenor, there were foxes in a large number. Their main food were lopoldi, helping the Númenóreans to keep them in order. As they were seldom hunted or because they had enough food with the lopoldi, they never attacked the fowls of the Númenóreans.[1]

In the Third Age, a fox became puzzled at finding Frodo, Sam, and Pippin asleep in a fir-wood on the first night of their journey from Hobbiton.[2] Another fox was encountered by Strider and the hobbits as they hiked through the Chetwood after leaving Bree.[3]

[edit] Other names

The Quenya word for "fox" is rusco, pl. rusqui.[4] The Sindarin word was rusc.[5]


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