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I am currently developing a timeline for major events in the lore, however I am having a hard time with the Children of Hurin. I know it takes place in the fifth century F.A., my problem is when does the First Age start and when do we start counting to then add the Children of Hurin to the mix? I know the First Age is supposed to be the longest of the ages, however if it starts right with the Years of the Sun, then it would only last a few hundred years before the Second Age.Since the Elves are in the Children of Hurin, I know we can safely say it starts after the awakening of the Elves and Men, however it is still ambiguous, because we don't even know if the Awakening took place before or at the start of the First Age.So I am slightly confused as to when we should start counting the First Age. I know Tolkien Gateway starts with the first Sunrise of the Years of the Sun, but I am not sure this entirely works.What are your thoughts? Unsigned comment by The Mouth of Sauron (talk • contribs).