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The page has been cleaned-up. Please get a look to correct possible English imprecisions.Unsigned comment by Hurin (talk • contribs).

English imprecisions were not the main problems with the edits you made (I had to revert to an earlier version of the article):
  • Please read up on Tolkien Gateway:Manual of Style and Help:Editing before attempting to radically alter an article. For example, references need to be added for every statement in articles.
  • Why did you remove all the text about adaptations?
  • The matter of wings is one of the classic controversies in Tolkien fandom, as can be seen in Balrogs/Wings (my impression being that Tolkien experts most often uphold the view that Tolkien did not intend the balrogs to have wings).
  • Hypothetical statements are to be avoided, unless you have a scholarly reference for the claim. As an example, you added "Thus a deep difference still remains between the Silmarillion Balrogs and the one that's depicted in The Lord of the Rings, and it is very difficult to imaginate how these two kinds could cohexist, if not perhaps by postulating that both a lesser and a lord Balrog did exist."
--Morgan 00:31, 29 November 2017 (UTC)

References: a minor problem; correcting requires time, I intended to add them later. By the way, I added more references than the article had before.

Adaptations: you asked for a cleaning-up, so I figured that you referred exactly to that (useless and too long) matter.

Wings: it is just a matter of stupidity, simply Tolkien changed mind and did not make any emendation to older scripts.

This said, I think that Gateway doesn't require my help. Thanks.Unsigned comment by Hurin (talk • contribs).