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Is there a timeout routine when you go into an edit session? On my first edit I was logged on and when I found the Question to answer in place of a "Publish" button , as the directions indicate, I entered the answer and my minor changes were applied, but the completion message stated I was no longer logged on. I logged on again, smoothed out a couple more spots for easier readability, saving after each edit and had no further trouble. Did I take too long in the first edit session or was it my poking around to learn how to use the editor that lost my login?

I appreciate my adjustments being approved and left in, as I only edit after careful, deliberate thought and checking with "canon" if necessary. The first edit was the most substantial and would have taken a good few minutes to re-submit. Thanks!


There is a timeout, yes, which I think is default within the Mediawiki software. I think it's 15 minutes, but I can't be sure. The way around it is to keep doing "Show preview" as you're editing. --06:40, 25 March 2018 (UTC)

Yes! I thought so. Have been an editor on Wikipedia since the very beginning and it is 15 mins., which is likely the de facto standard. Are you one of the Moderators on this Wiki? Any insight as to the traffic level. Have not really explored the other LOTR, etc wikis, but liked this one immediately due to the attractive layout and high standards. I'm trying to gauge the interest level "in the wide World" in this Working. What's your take?

Is there an active Talk channel where folks interested in the Canon, as opposed to the movies, as the main topic? Many thanks! --09:30, 25 March 2018 (UTC)