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Finding God in The Hobbit

Finding God in The Hobbits
Finding God in The Hobbit.jpg
AuthorJim Ware
Released30 October 2006

Finding God in The Hobbit is a 2006 religious book which draws inspiration from the tale of The Hobbit.

[edit] From the Publisher

Uncover the deeper truths in the tale that started it all.

With a simple hobbit in a simple hobbit-hole, J.R.R. Tolkien opened the window on a whole new world that has captured millions of imaginations and changed the face of literature forever. But this story of unexpected adventure is far more than goblin attacks, dragon-hoards, and riddles in the dark. It's a journey that changes a simple hobbit named Bilbo-and-us along the way.

Jim Ware, coauthor of the best-selling Finding God in The Lord of the Rings, once again unlocks the mysteries of Middle-earth with insightful reflections on the scenes and characters of The Hobbit. You'll discover the deep connections that link this fantasy world to our own, and unveil the mysterious workings of the Author of the Tale in your own life.

Just as the very ordinary Bilbo Baggins was caught up in a web of momentous events beyond his understanding, so you also are part of a larger story. Travel to Middle-earth to discover some ways in which God is still very much at work in our world—and has a bigger purpose for you than you can ever imagine.