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Field of Cormallen

The Field of Cormallen was a tree-lined field in North Ithilien, on the banks of the Anduin near Cair Andros and Henneth Annûn.[1]

It is told that the tree culumalda, having yellow flowers, was especially abundant in Cormallen[2]

[edit] History

After returning from the Battle of the Morannon, Aragorn set up his camp on the Fields of Cormallen in T.A. 3019. There, he received Frodo and Sam after their rescue from the wreckage of Mount Doom. They were greeted by many friends, and were praised in the celebration of the victory in the War of the Ring.[1][2]

[edit] Etymology

The name Cormallen is Sindarin and means "golden circle" (from cor, "ring" and mallen "gold"). Apparently the name derived from the tree culumalda.[2][3]

The Gondorians likely used the name Cormalthen as in Gondor Sindarin compounds retained the spirant. The spelling Cormallen follows the "proper" Elvish Sindarin, malt ("gold") and ending -en became *mallen, however in Gondor this remained malthen.[4][5]


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