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General Information
Other names"the Encampment"
LocationEast Beleriand; east of Celon and south of Nan Elmoth
DescriptionGreen and fertile plain[1]

Estolad was a green and fertile plain in East Beleriand east of the River Celon and south of the forest of Nan Elmoth.[2]


[edit] History

In the First Age the Noldor returned to Middle-earth and established realms in Beleriand. Estolad was part of the region ruled by Amrod and Amras, twins who were the youngest sons of Fëanor. It appears though that few Elves settled in this area and thus it was available for later settlers.

Over three centuries after the return of the Noldor, Men began migrating over the Ered Luin into the Elvish lands of Beleriand. It was Finrod who first came into contact with these newcomers in Ossiriand near the mountains and made friends with Bëor and his people. However, the Green-elves of the region did not want these strangers, hewers of trees and hunters of beasts, to settle in their domain. They asked Finrod to persuade the followers of Bëor and others yet to come to move on. Finrod did successfully persuade these people to remove to Estolad, which in Sindarin meant the "Encampment". Although Bëor left to be in the service of Finrod, Bëor's son Baran continued to rule his people in Estolad.

The people of the Haladin migrated into Thargelion, but the people of Marach followed the people of Bëor to Estolad, where they dwelt south and east of the first arrivals. However, the Edain in Estolad desired to continue to move westward and the kings of the Noldor, seeing strong potential in Men as allies, invited them to come live in their realms. Within fifty years thousands of Men had departed from the region,[1] although many remained until East Beleriand was overrun during the Dagor Bragollach.[3]

The Haladin living in Thargelion were harassed by the Orcs of Morgoth. When an Orc-raid was sent to fall upon these people one man, Haldad, gathered fighting men into a stockade and resisted the Orcs. Haldad and his son Haldar were killed but their people were saved by the arrival of Caranthir and his host. The Elf lord offered land in his realm to Haleth, the daughter of Haldad who had continued the resistance to the Orcs, but she refused Caranthir's offer. Instead she led her people to Estolad where they dwelt for a time. This though was temporary; eventually Haleth would move her people to the Forest of Brethil.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Estolad is Sindarin for "Encampment".[4]

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

On the second Map of Beleriand, on Sheet 2 North-east, in square F11, Estolad is written as "Estoland". As Christopher Tolkien noted, in all other occurrences the name is Estolad.[5]


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