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Council of Gondor

The Council of Gondor was composed of captains that provided advice to the Kings and later the Stewards of Gondor.

[edit] History

It was traditional among the Men of Númenor for the King to maintain a Council of the Sceptre composed of nobles from each of the main regions of Númenor, together with the King's Heir as advisers.[1]

Their descendants in Gondor followed a similar system made up from representatives of each of the South-kingdom's separate lands, probably in addition to the King's heir, and apparently the Steward as well.

The Council took authority over the realm after the loss of Ondoher left it kingless in T.A. 1944,[2] and it acted under the control of Steward Pelendur. In T.A. 1945 Arvedui of Arthedain, whose wife was Ondoher's daughter, invoked the Law of Succession in Númenor to claim the throne of Gondor; the Council voted against his claim, in favour of Ondoher's distant relative, Eärnil II.[3]

As the Siege of Gondor approached, Denethor II called the Council together on 11 March, T.A. 3019[4] and it advised him to make no stroke of war against the enemy due to the threat from the south.[5]


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