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Background Information
OriginLappeenranta, Finland
GenreEpic Metal
Years active1999-present
LabelNapalm Records
Current membersKaisa Jouhki
Tomi Mykkänen
Jussi Rautio
Jyri Vahvanen
Timo Honkanen
Henri Vahvanen
Former membersMiika Kokkola
Patrik Mennander
Tommi Havo

Battlelore is an epic fantasy power metal band from Lappeenranta, Finland. Their style takes elements from gothic metal, power metal, death metal, and even some industrial in the mix. All of Battlelore's lyrics specifically revolve around people and events in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.


[edit] Members

[edit] Current members

  • Kaisa Jouhki (b. 7 July 1980) - vocals
  • Tomi Mykkänen - vocals
  • Jussi Rautio - lead guitars
  • Jyri Vahvanen - guitars
  • Maria - keyboards & flute
  • Timo Honkanen (b. 14 December 1979) - bass
  • Henri Vahvanen - drums

[edit] Former members

  • Miika Kokkola - Bass
  • Patrik Mennander - Vocals
  • Tommi Havo - Vocals, Lead guitars
  • Gorthaur - Drums

[edit] Guest musicians

  • Erik Zacharias - additional synthesizer
  • Jyrki Myllärinen - classical guitars

[edit] Discography

[edit] Full-length albums

[edit] DVDs

  • The Journey (2004)

[edit] Videos

  • "Journey to Undying Lands"
  • "Storm of the Blades" (2005)
  • "House of Heroes" (2007)
  • "Third Immortal" (2008)

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