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Battle of Tumhalad

Battle of Tumhalad
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Conflict: Wars of Beleriand
Date: F.A. 495[1]
Place: Tumhalad
Outcome: Victory for Morgoth

Elves of Nargothrond

Forces of Morgoth



Greater than the Elves[2]


Complete destruction of the host, few survivors


The Battle of Tumhalad was the last battle of the Elves of Nargothrond against the Forces of Morgoth. It was fought on the plain of Tumhalad between the Narog and its tributary, the Ginglith.


[edit] Prelude

Nargothrond was the hidden stronghold of Finrod Felagund who built it as a safe haven for the Noldor against the forces of Morgoth.

Túrin, was led there by Gwindor who was of Nargothrond and during his stay there Túrin becoming mighty among the Elves and grew in favour of the King, Orodreth becoming his chief counsellor and ruled all matters of war. Túrin had no liking of their manner of warfare of stealth and ambush[3] preferring battle in the open so the Noldor built a mighty bridge over the Narog for swifter passage. A great store of weapons were made and the Elves forsook their secrecy and went into open war.

Five years since the arrival of Túrin in Nargothrond, they were visited by Gelmir and Arminas of the people of Finarfin whom have dwelt with Angrod. They gave warning of a great gathering of Orcs about Sauron's Isle[4] and a message from the Vala Ulmo to shut their doors and go not abroad.

Túrin rebuffed the Vala's warning and counselled Orodreth to meet them in the field instead and in the autumn of the same year Morgoth sent forth his host of Orcs with Glaurung at its head.

[edit] The Battle

The host of Nargothrond went forth with Orodreth leading along with Túrin and Gwindor. The host of Orcs were much larger than anticipated, none could withstand the assault of the dragon Glaurung except for Túrin and his dwarf-mask and the Elves were driven back into the field of Tumahalad.

In-between Narog and Ginglith the host of Nargothrond was defeated. King Orodreth was slain and Gwindor was mortally wounded and died later.

[edit] Aftermath

Túrin fled the battle with Gwindor while the remaining few Elves that did escape fled to Nargothrond, some to Doriath and possibly to the Isle of Balar.

After defeat of the Elven host Glaurung turned towards the stronghold inevitably sacking the city.


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