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Altáriel ("Maiden Crowned with Radiant Garland" in Quenya, from alata = "radiance", riel = "garlanded maiden", and rig = "twine, wreathe"; pron. [alˈtaːri.el], stem Altáriell-) was the name Galadriel came not from her father or her mother — they had named her Artanis and Nerwen, respectively. Instead, it came from her husband Celeborn, who gave her a name meaning "Maiden Crowned with Radiant Garland." The origins of this new name are obscure and somewhat confused, but it seems to have originated in the Telerin language as Alatáriel, which translates into Sindarin as the much better-known Galadriel. Altáriel is the Quenya form of the same name.