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Walls of Moria

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The Walls of Moria were the western rocky cliffs at the base of the Misty Mountains.

The Doors of Durin were built upon that surface, and by the craft of its makers, the doorway blended into it when closed.[1]

Before the Walls, there was a shallow valley climbing westward to a small cliff and then to a road between the Stair Falls, and the ancient Eregion

Portrayal in adaptations

Map of the Walls of Moria from The Lord of the Rings Online.

2001: Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring:

Fellowship passes the Walls of Moria before reaching the Durin's Gate.

2008: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria:

Walls of Moria is a small sub-area of Eregion, which the players must pass before entering the Mines themselves. This may not be so easy considering the Watcher in the Water.


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