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I am obsessed with everything related to LoTR, Silmarillion, HoME, Hobbit, etc.

I am especially obsessed with the Elven languages and with hobbits.

I want to see if there's a way to put maps of Middle-earth on this website. It would be good reference.

I also want to improve/create articles about The Father Christmas Letters and all the characters in them. I'm currently making an article on the North Polar Bear.

My library:

My favorite Elves:

Måns Björkman - Fëanor device.gifMaedhros

Måns Björkman - Finrod device.gifFinrod

My templates/blazons/favorites:

John Howe - Icon Elves.jpg This user supports Elves.

Hobbit This user supports Hobbits over any other race.

John Howe - Icon Dale.jpg This user supports Dale.

John Howe - Icon Free Peoples.jpg This user supports the forces for Good.

lore-3 This user has an advanced understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.

DD-Y This user believes the Dagor Dagorath is canonical.

Ent This user believes the Entwives will be found.

en-N This person is a native user of English.

de-0 Dieser Benutzer hat kaum oder keine Deutschkenntnisse.

ChromeLogo.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.

9m This Gatekeeper has contributed to Tolkien Gateway for over nine months.

RP This user frequently presses the Random page button to find interesting articles to edit.