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Turtle-fishes were a legendary race of giant sea monsters, mentioned only in Hobbit verse. The last of the Turtle-fishes was named Fastitocalon.[1]

The turtle-fishes appeared as treacherous islands, really being monsters capable of drowning seafarers.[2][1]


J.R.R. Tolkien was inspired by an Old English bestiary, appearing in the Exeter Book. The idea of giant marine turtles ultimately derives from Eastern myths, and in the European versions the monster is often confused with whales.[2]

The fastitocalon also reminds of the biblical/kanaanite leviathan.[3]

Other version of the legendarium

It is never explained whether the turtle-fish was an actual race or just a fictional character for the poem "Fastitocalon". In an earlier version of the legendarium, Ulmo, Lord of the Waters, uses his giant whale, Uin, to drag Tol Eressëa towards Aman.[4] This whale reappears in J.R.R. Tolkien's story Roverandom. It is thinkable that Tolkien, in an early phase of the mythology, imagined the fastitocalon to be another one of Ulmo's creatures.


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