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Tower Hills

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| name=Tower Hills
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| othernames=Emyn Beraid

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Tower Hills
Ted Nasmith - The White Towers.jpg
General Information
Other namesEmyn Beraid
LocationWestern Eriador, west of the Far Downs southeast of the Grey Havens
DescriptionA range of hills where the White Towers were built
RegionsArnor, The Shire
InhabitantsElves, Men, then Hobbits
GalleryImages of Tower Hills

The Tower Hills (Sind. Emyn Beraid) were a range of hills at the west end of Eriador. They lay east of Mithlond, the Grey Havens of Lindon, and west of the White Downs, of old the border of the Shire.

High upon the Tower Hills stood three tall Elven towers, the White Towers, the highest of which was called Elostirion, which held a Palantír.[1]



In S.A. 600, when the first ship of the Númenoreans sailed up the Gulf of Lune there was a meeting between the men from the sea and their distant kinsmen in the Tower Hills.[2]

The White Towers upon the Tower Hills were built before the end of the Second Age by Elendil.[3]

During the Third Age, bands of Elves would go in pilgrimage to Elostirion in order to have a glimpse of the West through the Elostirion-stone.[4] The Stone remained in its tower until the end of the Age; it was then taken back into the West.[5]

Ted Nasmith - The End of the Age

In Fo.A. 31 the Westmarch was added to the Shire, making the Tower Hills the new western border of the land. Three years later Thain Peregrin I made Fastred of Greenholm the first Warden of Westmarch. He and his wife Elanor, daughter of Samwise Gamgee, moved to the Tower Hills and founded the town of Undertowers on the eastern slopes.[6]

Portrayal in Adaptations

File:WiMe-White Towers-1-.png
Image from the game

1988: J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle Earth:

The Towers Hills are one of the battlegrounds in this game. The White Towers can be seen at the background of the map.

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